An honour (or honor) killing is when someone senselessly kills a family member because they are under the belief that they have brought dishonor upon the family. Such common reasons for honor killings include refusing an arranged marriage, being in a homosexual relationship, having sex before marriage, being a victim of rape, dressing against traditions of religion or just simply renouncing a faith.

Traditionally honor killings are usually when male family members retaliate against female family members who have brought “dishonor” upon the family. It is rare for a male to be a victim of an honor killing but it can be done in retaliation for a homosexual relationship.

This site is dedicated to raising awareness of this issue and to help STOP this senseless violence. In the year 2000, The United Nations reported that roughly 5,000 women died from honor killings. However certain women’s rights group say that this number is much higher and more in the 20,000 range as murder is not the only crime associated with honor killings. Such crimes like acid attacks, mutilation, abduction, and beatings are done for the same reason as murder.