How Women Can Protect Themselves From Violence In The Workplace

Being in the workplace can be a dangerous place for women. Workplace violence is more common than you think and women can get hurt in any number of ways. Women from all different economic and racial backgrounds are attacked and in many cases the attacker is a co-worker, client, patient or even a customer.

Women are also prone to domestic violence in the workplace. An angry spouse or boyfriend might come to the workplace and kill their wife or girlfriend. You see these types of stories in the news all the time.

One of the best things you can do if you are a woman is learn how to stay safe when you are at work. Make sure that you know what the workplace policies are on violence and see if your company offers any training or anti-violence workshops. You want to make sure that you know what to do if something violent happens at your job. Educate yourself about any security services that your company offers.

You might want to see if safety precautions can be added at your job. You might be able to get a panic button installed or cameras that can help alert you to any problems. Workplace violence often starts with smaller actions like off-colour comments or touching. If you see any of these warnings signs or get a bad feeling from a co-worker, you want to report it right away.

Don’t wait to report any incidents because they are likely to escalate if you have been targeted by a co-worker. The abuse will get worse and worse and if it isn’t addressed, it could explode into a violent incident at work. Report any type of behavior that worries you, from sexual remarks or even unwanted advances. If it makes you uncomfortable, you need to report the issue. Make sure to get a written report of the issue and retain a copy for yourself.

Take extra precautions at work if you are dealing with domestic violence. Make sure your boss knows what is going on and show a photo of the person abusing you to security. Keep a copy of any court order on file. You might be able to get special assistance at work. You have a right to feel safe at work and if you are being abused at work you deserve to get help.