Update: Ali Farsan Receives Death Penalty

We have been highlighting the Ali Farsan honor killing trial for the past few weeks. The last time we checked in Ali Farsan was found guilty of two honor killings but we were still waiting to see if he will face a life in prison or receive the death penalty. The results are in and Ali Farsan has been sentenced to death.

The trial was a grueling six weeks of heart-wrenching testimony against and in favor of Ali Farsan. He was accused and found guilty of murdering his son in law Coty Beavers and his daughter’s best friend Gelarah Bagherzadeh back in 2012. Farsan is the first person in Harris County to be sentenced to death in 4 years. These murders are considering honor killings because the motivation behind the murders was the fact that his daughter married a Christian and converted to Christianity which was a dishonor to her Muslim family.

Once the news of death penalty was announced, the mother of Coty Beavers read a statement in court about how honor killings have no place in the world. She continued:

In America, everyone is free including the women, they can choose their own careers, I said to be prosecutors or judges, and they can choose their own spouses, and they have a right not to be treated as property of their husbands, fathers, and brothers.

Iran’s attorney’s plan on filing an appeal.