Texas Man Faces Prison For Hiding Honor Killing Suspect

Yaser Abdel Said was an honor killing suspect who took a spot on the FBI’s “Top Ten” list of most-wanted fugitives after the murder of his own daughters Amina and Sara, who were 18 and 17 at the time of their deaths. Their crime? They were dating non-Muslims. Said told their mother that he was taking them out for a meal on New Year’s Day in 2008. Instead, he shot them inside a cab he borrowed.

Said was captured in August 2020 after a more than decade-long manhunt.

Now, his son Islam Yaser-Abdel Said, 32 and also a Texas resident, has pleaded guilty after charged and prosecuted for the crime of assisting his father evade law enforcement capture for the past 12 years. He could spend three decades in prison..

U.S. Attorney Prerak Shah said, “Islam Said prioritized the whims of his father, an alleged killer, over justice for his own sisters. Thanks to the dogged work of the FBI and its law enforcement partners, however, Mr. Said’s efforts were ultimately in vain.”

FBI reported that “On Aug. 25, 2020 FBI agents observed Mr. Said and his uncle deliver grocery bags to the residence, then followed the men to a shopping center 20 miles away, where they dumped trash received from the home.”

The home where Said had been concealed belonged to a cousin from Justin, Texas.
The bigger shock? Crimes like the aforementioned are often overlooked in the United States. According to Farhana Qazi, who used to be a government analyst for Advanced Studies on Terrorism, “Cases of honor killings and/or violence in the U.S. are often unreported because of the shame it can cause to the victim and the victim’s family. Also, because victims are often young women, they may feel that reporting the crime to authorities will draw too much attention to the family committing the crime.”