Nations Where Honor Killings Still Occur

Honor killings have become a prominent topic of discussion in several nations around the world.

Several nations have started to illustrate a stricter stance against honor killings even if they hadn’t been as tough in the past. This article is going to dissect some of these nations where honor killings are prevalent.

It’s important to remember, honor killings take place in various nations (first and third world countries) but they are more common in third world nations. However, this read is going to focus on nations where it is far more widespread than normal.

1) India

The current rate is set at around 1000+ honor killings per year.

This is a staggering number in India even if it has a population of over one billion. The major concern for the nation of India has to do with the built-in caste system. With a strict adherence to this caste system and honor, it is easy for people to come out on the wrong end of these societal regulations.

While the courts in India are getting firm against honor killings, they still take place in various parts of India including major urban centers. It is also important to note men end up being victims of honor killing if they approach a woman in a higher caste.

2) Pakistan

Another nation in Southeast Asia would be Pakistan that has a large number of honor killings.

Just like India, Pakistan has around 1,000+ honor killings per year.

Pakistan has significant issues about what it is doing with its Islamic laws. These laws have been amended slowly, but there are still significant concerns about how they’re implemented. A lot of cases see lenient sentences in the nation of Pakistan.

Rural areas tend to have minimal follow-up when it comes to honor killings, and that is a concern cited by legal experts in Pakistan.

3) The Middle East

While this isn’t a nation, the Middle East can be tagged as a collective group when it comes to honor killings.

Some of the nations with relaxed laws for perpetrators include Iraq, Palestine, Iran, and Jordan. While these nations do make small amendments from time to time, the primary concern in these nations has to do with the implementation of these laws.

Most judges aren’t able to implement these laws, and that can lead to long-term issue about handling honor killings.

4) Europe

While Europe isn’t cited at the top as a continent with honor killings, there are many cases seen from time to time.

In nations such as Albania and Chechnya, there are examples of honor killings. While the remaining areas of Europe tend to have issues involving honor killings from immigrant populations who have brought over their understanding of honor.

European nations have strict legal standards for any form of honor killing and do set up programs to help potential victims of abuse and other related crimes.

These are the nations where honor killings still occur illustrating it is a problem that remains relevant to this day.