How Do Muslim Americans Feel About Honor Killings?

Perhaps because most Muslims in America are default more westernized than their counterparts in The Middle East or Islamic regions, they believe that the barbaric ritual of honor killing is indeed deplorable. When approached on the subject, they claim that the religion itself does not promote violence but that honor killings stem from sexism and tribal behavior from when the religion was first founded.

But some Muslim Americans have taken it a step further to help advocate against these vicious felonies. Muslim leaders across the nation came together to create “Imams Speak Out: Domestic Violence Will Not Be Tolerated In Our Communities.” The goal would be to discuss the ramifications of domestic violence in their weekly sermons to stress that this type of behavior and violence is not acceptable morally, religiously, or legally.

From there, the Muslim Men Against Domestic Abuse Organization was born. Established in February 2009, the goal is to raise awareness and vow to neither participate, condone or remain silent about physical, psychological and the emotional abuse of Muslim (as well as non-Muslim) women and children. According to the members, they reject domestic violence because their religion calls to stand for justice and reject all forms of oppression.

Despite many many objections to Trump’s Muslim Travel Ban, there’s an interesting piece of verbiage related to honor killings. The order dictates that the secretary of the Department of Homeland security will regularly and publicly publish “information regarding the number and types of acts of gender-based violence against women, including so-called ‘honor killings,’ in the United States by foreign nationals.” This works in conjunction with Trump’s VOICE program that was created to raise awareness of crimes being committed by undocumented immigrants.

While honor killings do not happen often in the United States (or they are not reported as honor killings but rather regular homicides), when they do occur, it actually is done by legal immigrants. However, it is nice to see the administration acknowledge this crime. After all, the goal is to stop honor killings.