What You Should Know About The Honor Killing Of Samaira Nazir

Samaira Nazir happened to be the very brightest in the family and was well-educated and articulate woman who graduated from a well-known university before taking up directorship in the families’ recruitment business.

Salman Mohammed, a man desperate to get away from Afghanistan was smuggled into the U.K. in a lorry. He made his living from the sale of phone-cards from his market stall.

When Samaira and Salman met they soon fell-in-love which was followed by many years of a secret love affair. They eventually defied Samaira’s family and announced their plans to get married. This unfortunately proved to be an extremely fatal move and resulted in the death of Samaira in what is known as an “honour killing.” Azhar Nazir the brother of Samiara is the same person who introduced the couple and 5 years later would be the one to kill his own sister.

In 2006, Nazir and his cousin only 17 at the time, Imran Mohammed (real name Kashif Rana) were sentenced to life in prison in association to the barbaric and horrific murder of 25 year old Samaira Nazir.

On the 23 April 2005, Salman Mohammed and Samaira Nazir tried to arrange a meeting with Ishrad Begum, Samaira’s mother at one of their relative’s home, but she denied them. Instead Samaira was ordered to her family home which was based in Southhall, West London. When she arrived her father 61 years of age also named Azhar, her cousin and her brother attacked the woman. They held her down and then cut her throat in 3 different places before stabbing her 18 times.

Her screams for help alerted a neighbor who banged on the families front door. The father emerged and explained to the concerned neighbor that his daughter was having a type of fit. This was followed by another neighbor that noticed a blood-soaked arm that belonged to Samaira emerging out of the door before they dragged her back inside.

As they listened to the woman begging and pleading for help, her very last words were for her mother was she stated: “You are not my mother anymore.” Later on police discovered trails of blood throughout the home and the body of Samaira in the home’s hallway. As the police led Nazir away he shouted “There had been a problem with my sister.” After which he stated “She does not wish to have an arranged marriage and we only allow marriage within the family.”

In court Mohammed and Nazir denied the murder, Nazir claimed that he was not even in the room, while Mohammed made a claim that the woman was a victim to a form of black magic. The men were both convicted of the murder.

After the incident Samaira’s father ran away to Pakistan once he had been charged. The family claims that he has died, but police are not convinced and are still in the process of trying to find him. The charges against the woman’s mother were at a later stage dropped.