Key Details About The Honor Killing of Aqsa Pervez

Aqsa Pervez was a victim of an honor killing in Mississauga, Canada in December 2007.

The case received attention in various parts of the nation and world due to how it was completed and the reasoning behind it.

Here is more on the key details about the honor killing of Aqsa Pervez in Canada.

Who Was Aqsa Pervez?

Aqsa Pervez was a 16-year-old high school student living in Mississauga, Canada with her family at the time of her death.

She attended Applewood Heights Secondary School, and her father was a local taxi driver named Muhammad Parvez.

She was of Pakistani origin and grew up as a Muslim in a Muslim family.

At the time of her death, she had moved into her neighbor’s house named Lubna Tahir because of the underlying tension that was brewing in her house.

Day of Honor Killing

On the day of the honor killing, she had gone back to her house, and that is when the act was committed. It was completed by the brother as the tension grew in their household.

The brother had strangled her, and when the Peel Regional Police arrived, she was hanging onto her life by a thread. She was sent to Credit Valley Hospital before being transferred to the Hospital for Sick Children.

When the act was committed, her father called 911 to let the operator know he had killed his daughter. The police were able to respond in minutes and when they arrived the life-threatening injuries were evident.

The Hospital for Sick Children was unable to help Aqsa Pervez as her injuries were far too severe, she had medical problems and she passed away due to neck compression from strangling.

Reports came out from high school friends that she had been complaining about receiving threats from her father/brother.

Reason for Honor Killing

What was the reason for Aqsa Pervez being killed by her brother?

It was stated, she had refused to take up the hijab (Muslim garment worn by a woman) and that had caused her parents and brother grief. They wanted her to move away from “Western” teachings and felt it was corrupting her mind.

Due to the arguments both parties had back and forth, the honor killing took place when she went back home. The same was said by Muhammad Pervez when he was asked about the issue at hand when it came to Aqsa Pervez. The father had also reported having told the mother his daughter was not under her control and this had made him lose his honor.

Follow-up of the Case

Aqsa Pervez’s honor killing was denounced by various Islamic councils and imams in Canada, and the judge sentenced both Muhammad Parvez and Waqas Pervez with murder. Both father and son were sentenced to life imprisonment with no chance of parole until 2028.

It is also reported various statements were made by Waqas Pervez to his father about not speaking to the police and this was deemed to be an obstruction of justice.