Four Honor Killings Reported In Phoenix, Arizona

After killing his wife, two daughters and the man whom he thought was having an affair with his wife, Austin Smith, a Muslim, was arrested. Why did he commit such a cruel act? According to the Phoenix Police Sergeant Tommy Thompson, Smith believed that “in God’s eyes, it was all right for him to deal with someone in this manner who had been involved in adultery, extramarital affairs.” He also elaborated that he killed his 7-year-old daughter because she was “weeping for the wicked.”

How does this differ from domestic violence? It doesn’t. But the fact that his justification for his crimes refers to God indicates that this is an honor killing. The sad part is that many friends of the wife, Dasia Patterson, did not believe that she was having an affair. What makes this very scary is the fact that Austin Smith was a convert to Islam and was not brought up in the culture where honor killings are happening quite frequently.

If this crime had taken place in Palestine, Austin Smith would be pardoned, given a suspended sentence, or six months to three years of imprisonment. If this crime had taken place in Syria, he would have to serve two years imprisonment. In Turkey, a woman who is accused of violating the family’s honor is forced to commit suicide so family members can avoid jail time or the act is done by young boys so they can serve less jail time for being a minor.

Luckily (but is it?) this heinous crime was done in the United States. Austin Smith will face the death penalty, life in prison without the possibility or parole or life in prison with the chance of parole in 25 years FOR EACH COUNT OF MURDER.

Until Islamic culture changes around the world, honor killings will still be prevalent throughout the world even here in the United States.