In-depth Details About The Honor Killing of Leila Hussein

The original honor killing was against Leila Hussein’s daughter named Rand Abdel-Qader.

Leila Hussain resided in Basra, Iraq with her family and became a target after she spoke out about the honor killing of her daughter.

Rand Abdel-Qader was murdered due to her perceived affair with a British man near the Basra area and this caused major grievance in the area where such affairs were unheard of. Here is more on the Leila Hussein honor killing and how it all came about from start to finish.

Who Was Leila Hussein?

On the day of the honor killing, Leila Hussein was looking to flee the country and get away from her husband or those who were looking for her.

She was unable to make it out as unknown assailants got to her first. However, additional reports came out stating she was killed in an unrelated incident and wasn’t caught by someone associated with the husband.

Reason for Honor Killing

As mentioned, the honor killing was instigated after the actions of her daughter Rand Abdel-Qader.

Rand Abdel-Qader was understood to have a relationship (platonic) with one of the British officers near the Basra area. When the family found out, the father decided it was time to kill his teenage daughter. He was able to do this with the help of local police who had turned a blind eye towards the murder.

Leila Hussein was not happy about what had transpired and felt it was important for her to fight back against her husband. She was later killed for this reason. She started to speak out about what her husband had done, and it was uncommon for a woman to do this in Iraq.

She got into an argument with the father after he was released from prison and that led to a physical altercation at their home in Basra. She was hit, and that broke her arm.

She started to run from safe house to safe house in a bid to avoid those who were looking to get her in Basra. She felt it was better to die on the run than to live with a man who had killed her daughter for honor.

The case received coverage around the world but didn’t catch on among the locals where the husband was living.

Follow-up of Case

What happened to the husband who had committed to honor killing of his daughter and admitted it?

He was held for two hours before being released by the local police. This was despite the police knowing he had committed the crime along with having a potential hand in the murder of his wife, Leila Hussein. The family buried the daughter and reportedly spat on the grave while doing so.

The brothers were found to have been involved in the murder along with the father when it came to the daughter.

The connection to the wife was never confirmed, and it was reportedly buried by the local police.