Consequences of Being Victims of Rape

Being a victim of rape is not a short-term ordeal that passes away with time.

It can have a profound impact on one’s mental health, and there are related consequences to keep in mind. Researchers have spent years with rape victims to understand how their life is after the attack. This article will dive deeper into recognizing some of the unspoken consequences of being a victim of a rape attack.

1) Long-Term Trauma To Body

Just like any physical attack on a person, there is long-term trauma involved with the incident.

The same applies to rape attacks where the body is injured and is going to take time to heal. In some cases, the damage can be permanent, and that is determined after an extensive examination by a medical professional.

2) Honor Killing

This is often seen in third world nations and is a major consequence for rape victims.

In these nations, the woman is a matter of honor for families, and if their honor is taken advantage of, they end up performing an honor killing. This makes the loved ones for the rape victim a significant threat, and something authorities in those nations pay attention to.


Being a victim can also lead to PTSD in rape victims.

PTSD is “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder” where a person continues to relive the attack days, months, or years after. It can have a harrowing effect on their body and mind. Rape victims often talk about flashbacks, severe anxiety, and nightmares on a day-to-day basis.

They are unable to get their mind off of the rape attack, and that can start to torment them in the form of PTSD.

It’s important to note significant growth has been seen with PTSD, and a medical professional can assist rape victims who are dealing with this symptom.

4) Dissociation

A person who has had to deal with a rape attack isn’t going to feel the same as he/she did before.

This is why it is important to recognize the state of dissociation they can go through. What does this mean? In a state of dissociation, a person will start to check out on others and life. They will withdraw themselves and won’t feel like doing things they might have done in the past.

This can bring about a significant change to how they go about daily chores as they might not want to do anything at all.

In general, the victim continues to remain in a state of daydreaming where they are lost in their thoughts about the attack or something related to it.

These are the consequences of being victims of rape, and they’re not spoken about as much as they should be. A rape victim can go through an incredible ordeal after the attack making it worse than what occurred on the day of their attack.

Studies continue to pour time into recognizing the nuances of these concerns and wish to help those who are put into this situation.