Big Bang Theory Producer Is A F*cking Idiot

In an age where women are standing up for themselves as best they can in a world still dominated by the male ego, it’s worth reminding ourselves that not all men are sexual predators. Some are just fucking stupid. A Big Bang Theory producer just gave foot-in-mouth syndrome a whole new meaning by saying that, hey, you know, maybe honor killings aren’t so bad. In September, Prady was involved in a tweet war that went somewhat off the rails really, really fast.

It was on a subject most of us have argued for or against at some point in our lives: abortion. Prady made the mistake of using religion as a means of justifying abortion. When the pro-lifer Obianuju Ekeocha tried to make her case, the argumentative Prady told her that abortion should be tied to personal faith and nothing else.

Ekeocha asked if it was acceptable practice for Muslim parents to enact honor killings, which are usually acts predicated on the notion of vengeance and are most often perpetrated by male members of the family against females that have been said to have brought dishonor to the entire family. Ekeocha went on to say she could only respect Prady’s opinion on the subject if he said yes in answer to her question of acceptable practice, since it would mean a “consistency of thought & logic.”

Here’s where it gets even worse.
Prady then replied with the most awkward, potentially divisive statement he could possibly make: “I don’t have enough education on the topic to respond. But it wouldn’t matter to you — you’ve declared yours the one true religion.”

After some people pointed out the abrasive stupidity and shocking indifference inherent in his commentary of the subject of honor killings, Prady claimed that he had no idea what an honor killing was in the first place. Instead, he suggested that he thought they were still on the subject of abortion. He then caught slack because of the still bone-headed response to someone asking about the relevance of someone murdering a pregnant woman because of religion.

So how does this story end, you ask? Well, it ended like all stories involving men and women do: The man keeps talking out of his ass while the woman is left completely dumbfounded and without recourse. Prady blocked her.

To his credit, maybe he really didn’t know what an honor killing is. After all, it’s not like they’ve been consistently a part of the news for the last decade. The producer of one of the most popular sitcoms of our day might in fact live under a rock with only the rarest occasions of human contact. It’s possible. Either way, he really is a fucking idiot.