Are Honor Killings Legal in Jordan?

Honor killings are rampant in various parts of the world, and it’s important to understand how the legal systems are in these areas.

This read is going to emphasize Jordan in the Middle East and how its legal system combats honor killings. The one question most people have about the legal system involves the legality of honor killings and how they are faced in society on a day-to-day basis.

Here is a deeper look into honor killings in Jordan and how they are viewed by the legal system with long term care planning.

What Is An Honor Killing?

Let’s begin with the definition of honor killing before looking at how it is handled in the nation of Jordan.

An honor killing is defined as a crime against a relative (often women) due to a perceived loss of honor due to the victim’s actions. The method of killing can vary depending on the situation and criminal committing the murder.

The reasons honor is lost can also vary depending on what society holds important such as adultery. The crime can be committed by one member of the family or multiple members of the family in unison.

Honor Killing Stats In Jordan

What is the ground reality in Jordan when it comes to honor killings against women?

The reports on the subject state at least 15-20 cases are reported of honor killings. In these cases, the method of killing can vary whether it’s assault, poisoning, and other forms of killing. There was an increase in 2016 that was cited by judicial authorities and lawyers.

Due to this upsurge, harsher sentencing was promoted, and newer deviants have been charged with longer sentences (up to 20 years in prison).

Additional changes are being made based on this assumption, and that is where the stats have started to come down over the past year or so.

Jordan’s Legal System

Let’s move onto the crux of the matter.

How does Jordan view honor killings and does it punish those who follow through with such actions under the pretense of losing honor?

In general, Jordan’s legal system does not promote honor killings and has come down on those who are performing such crimes. Article 340 of the Penal Code states a man can receive leniency if its proven his wife was committing adultery, but in most cases, the leniency is not as drastic. The same applies to article 98 of the penal code which states if a victim commits a dangerous act, the defendant can receive a lenient penalty.

Over time, Jordan’s judicial system has been working on becoming stricter on honor killings, and the Parliament has initiated harsher sentencing standards.

This will continue moving forward and is something taken seriously in the nation of Jordan.

In the end, Jordan does not allow honor killings but does have lenient sentences in some cases one wouldn’t see in other parts of the world (i.e. committing adultery). This is important to note when it comes to the nuances of Jordan’s legal system.